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Daisy is a 5 year old brindle female Australian Bulldog. She is desexed and her vaccinations, flea and worming are up to date. Daisy is a relaxed, quiet and kind Bulldog who loves to lay in the grass in the sun and spends a lot of her day snoozing! She doesn't bark or jump but shows her excitement with a bulldog bum wiggle! She loves going anywhere in the car and gets super excited about going for a walk. People: Daisy loves people. She loves nothing more than one on one time lounging around with her humans. She has a very relaxed personality and is also happy when home on her own. Daisy is probably best suited to older children 5 + as she doesn't love having her tail pulled or eyes gouged! She loves to sniff and kiss faces so children at head height can cop a slobbering! Daisy loves having a ball thrown and sometime even brings it back! Other dogs and animals: Daisy doesn't seem to enjoy the company of other dogs and hasn't had a lot of experience with other animals. We believe she is best suited to a one dog home. Obedience: Daisy is good at the commands sit and come. She is still working on her walking etiquette and pulls on the lead for the first few minutes then relaxes. Health: Daisy had a cyst that was putting pressure on her spine and affecting her back legs. She had successful surgery and recovered wonderfully. There is no chance of the cyst recurring and she is in overall good health.

Phone : (Text Only) 0479 177 297
Email :

Location: Victoria


Bella is a 9 year old AB who is in need of a home. She has been wormed and flea treated recently and will be vaccinated. Her temperament is lovely. She is content in the yard but does require some stimulation. She rarely barks, even at the yappy dog next door. Bella is very friendly with humans, loves her back being scratched and loves to run, she loves to go for walks but can be strong on lead. Bella is fine with children but doesn't like other dogs very much and will chase cats. She is good in the house but will jump on the couch when not being supervised. Bella just wants to be loved and someone to spend time with her. If you think you can offer this lovely elderly lady a loving forever home please contact Lorna

Phone : 0404 458120
Email :
Location: Green Valley SW Sydney NSW


Luda is a beautiful 5.5 year old desexed female AB. Vaccinations and worming is up to date. She is a lovely natured girl who adores people and is really good with kids. She is quite athletic and loves to go for walks on lead and even a short run. She enjoys exercise She would be best suited to a single dog home to be safe. She has been known to not always get along with other dogs If you think you can offer Luda a forever home with the love and attention she deserves please contact Janice
Location: Bundaberg
on the phone : 0410467923

or Via email :


.Barnzii is a beautiful natured 6.5 year old desexed male AB who needs a new home. His vaccinations and worming are up to date. He is great with people including kids of all ages and is fine with other dogs He is very good on lead and loves to go for short walks. If you think you can offer Barnzii the love and attention he deserves in a forever home please contact Janice

Location: Bundaberg

Contact phone: 0410467923

or Via email:

Rescue Dogs Disclaimer:

The ABS.Inc. its members and officials endeavour to only rescue and offer to the public Australasian Bosdogs (Australian Bulldogs). They however take no responsibility and make no guarantees about the ancestry, health or temperament of any dogs within this rescue program.

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