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I am a beautiful brown and white Aussie Bulldog. My mum and dad bought me a couple of years ago through a private sale. I only had a temporary owner at the time who didn't know much about me but said I was born in 2009. I am very scared of big dogs and often give them bad signals so that we end up fighting. My parents don't let me meet new dogs on walks just in case I start a fight. I do like staffies, frenchies, Boxers and bulldogs though. I think I just like dogs that look like me! I think I might be ok to live with another dog if I decided I liked them first. I often get itchy skin so the vet gave me cortisone tablets to help and I have special shampoo. I also have a cataract in one eye but it doesn't bother me. I love hanging out with my owners and I don't need much space. I am very good at cuddles and cheering people up. I have a couple of human kid friends who play with my wrinkly face but i don't mind. I am very patient with people and will put up with anything. My human parents are moving overseas and say the plane might be too scary for me. If you can be a good pack leader for me then I would like to hear from you because I'd like to be your new best friend, Location Sydney

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The ABS.Inc. its members and officials endeavour to only rescue and offer to the public Australian Bulldogs. They however take no responsibility and make no guarantees about the ancestry, health or temperament of any dogs within this rescue program.


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