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Gus is 3.5 years old, desexed, micro chipped and vaccinated. He currently resides in Newcastle with his foster carer and pug "siblings". He is very respectful of males and would suit a single gentleman 35+years, who is home a lot, works from home or would be willing to take Gus to work with him. Gus has separation anxiety and cannot be left home by himself as he gets very stressed which has lead to some physical medical issues, all of which have now healed beautifully. He copes very well with someone home most of the time. Gus is full of energy and absolutely loves to play fetch. He gets too excited off lead with other dogs so its best to play fetch at home where he feels comfortable. He will happily play with the pugs who are medium energy but can get too excited with high energy dogs. Gus will sometimes misinterpret this excited play and try to dominate. For this reason Gus needs to be correctly introduced to any new dogs he encounters, with his human behaving calmly and in control. Gus loves to snuggle with his puggie brothers and sister at night, usually spooning the little ones. He is a real sweaty at heart and loves to have rules and boundaries so he feels safe. Gus is currently on anti-depressant medication to help his separation anxiety. There has been a huge improvement with Gus on this therapy. His new owner would need to commit to keeping up with medication. Gus is the usual goofy bulldog who loves to please his humans. He shows off by shaking hands, high fiving and rolling around on his back with a toy. All to impress you. If you think you can offer Gus the type of home he needs and deserves please contact Ally
Location: Newcastle
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The ABS.Inc. its members and officials endeavour to only rescue and offer to the public Australian Bulldogs. They however take no responsibility and make no guarantees about the ancestry, health or temperament of any dogs within this rescue program.


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